List User Trades

The method GET /user_trades/ enables you to retrieve a list of your trades or specific trades.

HTTP Request

Path Parameters

When you want a specific trade or set of trades, use the following path parameter:

tidSpecifies the trade's unique identifier. You can use up to three identifiers in your request. Separate each with a dash.No

Query Parameters

You can use the following query parameters in your request:

ParameterDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
bookSpecifies which book to use.No
limitSpecifies the number of objects to return. Maximum is 100.No25
markerSpecifies to return older or newer objects (depending on the value of the sort parameter) than the object with the given ID.No
sortSpecifies the ordering direction of returned objects. Valid values: asc and desc.Nodesc

JSON Response Payload

The endpoint returns a descending JSON array of transactions. Every element in the array is a JSON object that contains the following fields:

Field NameDescriptionTypeUnits
bookThe order book symbol.StringMajor_Minor
created_atThe date and time when the service executed the trade.StringISO 8601 timestamp
fees_amountThe amount charged as trade fee.String
fees_currencyThe currency in which the service charged the trade fee.String
majorThe major amount traded.StringMajor
major_currencyThe ticker of the major currency.String
maker_sideThe maker's side for this trade (buy or sell). If it matches with the field side, then you are a maker.String
minorThe minor amount traded.StringMinor
minor_currencyThe ticker of the minor currency.String
oidThe user's order ID.String
origin_idThe client-provided order ID (if any).String
priceThe price per unit of major.StringMinor
sideThe user's side for this trade. Possible values: buy and sell.String
tidThe trade's ID.String

The following response object exemplifies the JSON array returned:

curl ""

    "success": true,
    "payload": [
            "book": "btc_mxn",
            "major": "0.00050327",
            "minor": "-188.08206440",
            "major_currency": "btc",
            "minor_currency": "mxn",
            "price": "373720.00",
            "side": "buy",
            "maker_side": "sell",
            "fees_currency": "btc",
            "fees_amount": "0.00000327",
            "tid": "156478320",
            "oid": "mZ3DDN4VxOMTEQZU",
            "created_at": "2023-03-09T22:40:37+0000",
            "origin_id": "1029384756"
            "book": "btc_mxn",
            "major": "0.00050327",
            "minor": "-187.91598530",
            "major_currency": "btc",
            "minor_currency": "mxn",
            "price": "373390.00",
            "side": "buy",
            "maker_side": "sell",
            "fees_currency": "btc",
            "fees_amount": "0.00000327",
            "tid": "156476894",
            "oid": "YD0NNMY2NzkyikEj",
            "created_at": "2023-03-09T21:29:26+0000",
            "origin_id": "6848302747"