Trading API: Overview

Learn about the business value of the API and how it can help you enhance your business.

Welcome to Bitso's Trading API documentation, a RESTful API that exposes Bitso's Digital and Fiat Currency Trading platform. We are excited you are here! πŸ’›

Bitso's Trading API enables you to integrate the Bitso trading platform with third-party solutions, such as trading applications, charting programs, point-of-sale systems, and many more. The API is easy to use, and integrating it into your solutions is a short-lived and trouble-free effort.

The Trading API provides a set of four public endpoints to retrieve information such as available exchange order books and data from a specified book: trading information, open orders, and recent trades.

The service also comprises a set of private endpoints that enable you to manage your orders and your Bitso account. All of the requests of these private endpoints must be signed and require API Keys. For further details on how to get your API Keys and create signed requests, see the sections, Set Up Your Testing Environment and Authentication.

This guide documents all the details on how the service works, its onboarding requirements, and the error messages it might throw. You will be up and running in a jiffy! πŸš€