Execute a Conversion Quote

The PUT /api/v4/currency_conversions/{quote_id} method enables you to execute a conversion quote within the 30-second expiration limit. You use the value of the variable id returned by the request-quote call to submit the conversion to Bitso's Conversion Engine. After you submit a conversion, it starts executing asynchronously.

HTTP Request

Header Parameters

You must specify the following authentication parameters in your request:

keySee the section, AuthenticationYes
signatureSee the section, AuthenticationYes
nonceSee the section, AuthenticationYes

Path Parameters

You must specify the following path parameter in your request:

quote_idIdentifies the quote you want to execute. The request-quote call returns it as id.Yes

Body Parameters

The endpoint does not require any body parameters. However, as shown below, you must send an empty JSON object in your request body. Otherwise, the service throws an error.


JSON Response Payload

A successful call returns a JSON object representing the executed conversion. The following response object exemplifies the JSON object returned:

    "success": true,
    "payload": {
        "oid": "7316"

The value of the oid variable is the path parameter (conversion_id) you need to use when getting-a-conversion-status.

The meaning of the response object field is as follows:

Field NameDescriptionType
oidThe conversion's unique ID.String