Place an Order

The method POST /orders/ enables you to place a buy or sell order. Both Limit and Market orders are available.

HTTP Request

Header Parameters

You must specify the following authorization parameters in your request:

keySee the section, AuthorizationYes
signatureSee the section, AuthorizationYes
nonceSee the section, AuthorizationYes

Body Parameters

Body parameters must be JSON encoded and precisely the same as the JSON payload used to construct the signature:

bookThe book to use.Yes
majorThe amount of major currency for this order. You must specify an order in either major or minor, never both.No
minorThe amount of minor currency for this order. You must specify an order in terms of either major or minor, never both.No
origin_idThe order's client-supplied, unique ID. Valid character set: a to z (lower and uppercase),  0 to 9, and underscore, _. The dash character, -, is not allowed.No
priceThe price per unit of major. Use this parameter only with Limit Orders.No
sideThe order's side. Valid values: buy and sell.Yes
stopThe price per unit of major at which to stop and place the order. Use this parameter only with Stop Orders.No
time_in_forceThe period a limit order remains active before it is executed or expires. Valid values: goodtillcancelled, fillorkill, immediateorcancel, and postonly.No
typeThe order's type. Valid values: market and limit.Yes

JSON Response Payload

The endpoint returns a JSON object representing the order. This object includes the following field:

Field NameDescriptionType
oidThe order's unique ID.String

The following response object exemplifies the JSON object returned:

    "success": true,
    "payload": {
        "oid": "qlbga6b600n3xta7"