Cancel an Order

The method DELETE /orders/ enables you to cancel a specific open order, a set of open orders, or all of your open orders.

HTTP Request

Path Parameters

You can cancel a specific order or all the ones you have opened by using one of the following path parameters:

oidSpecifies the identifier of the order to cancel.No
allCancels all of the open orders you have.No

Query Parameters

You can use the following query parameters in your request to identify the orders to cancel :

oidsSpecifies which orders to cancel by order ID.No
origin_idsSpecifies which orders to cancel by origin ID.No

JSON Response Payload

The endpoint returns a JSON array that lists the identifiers of the canceled orders.


Orders Not Canceled

The service might not successfully cancel orders if it has filled them, has already canceled them, or the order IDs are incorrect.

The following response object exemplifies the JSON array returned:

curl -X DELETE,FwllxXRKvcgJmyFy,zhDI9iBRglW9s9Vu

    "success": true,