Look Up Orders

The method GET /orders/ enables you to retrieve the details of one or more of your orders. The method only returns open or partially filled orders. When the service fully matches or cancels an order, it will not include it in the response. For further details on how to pull the list of trades for orders, refer to the section, List Order Trades.

HTTP Request

Path Parameters

When you want to retrieve a specific trade, use the following path parameter:

oidSpecifies the identifier of the order to retrieve.No

Query Parameters

You can use the following query parameters in your request:

oidsSpecifies the identifiers of the orders to retrieve.No
origin_idsSpecifies by origin ID the orders to retrieve.No

JSON Response Payload

The endpoint returns a JSON array of open orders. Every element in the array is a JSON object that includes the following fields:

Field NameDescriptionTypeUnits
bookThe order book symbol.StringMajor_Minor
created_atThe date and time when the service created the order.StringISO 8601 timestamp
oidThe order's ID.String
original_amountThe order's initial major currency amount.StringMajor
origin_idThe client-supplied unique order ID (if any).String
original_valueThe order's initial minor currency amount.StringMinor
priceThe order's price.StringMinor
sideThe order's side. Possible values: buy and sell.String
statusThe order's status. Possible values: queued, open, partially filled, cancelled, and completed.

NOTE: A lookup does not return completed or cancelled orders because the endpoint only retrieves opened or partially filled orders. However, a one-hour window exists in which retrieval of orders with these status values is possible.
stopThe stop price for Stop Orders.String
time_in_forceThe time in force parameter for Limit Orders.String
triggered_atThe date and time when the service triggered a Stop Order.StringISO 8601 timestamp
typeThe order's type. Possible values: market and limit.String
unfilled_amountThe order's unfilled major currency amount.StringMajor
updated_atThe date and time when the service updated the order. It might be "null".StringISO 8601 timestamp

The following response object exemplifies the JSON array returned:

curl "https://sandbox.bitso.com/api/v3/orders?oids=543cr2v32a1h6844,qlbga6b600n3xta7a"

    "success": true,
    "payload": [{
        "book": "btc_mxn",
        "original_amount": "0.01000000",
        "unfilled_amount": "0.00500000",
        "original_value": "56.0",
        "created_at": "2016-04-08T17:52:31.000+00:00",
        "updated_at": "2016-04-08T17:52:51.000+00:00",
        "price": "5600.00",
        "oid": "543cr2v32a1h6844",
        "side": "buy",
        "status": "partially filled",
        "type": "limit"
    }, {
        "book": "btc_mxn",
        "original_amount": "0.12680000",
        "unfilled_amount": "0.12680000",
        "original_value": "507.2",
        "created_at": "2016-04-08T17:52:31.000+00:00",
        "updated_at": "2016-04-08T17:52:41.000+00:00",
        "price": "4000.00",
        "oid": "qlbga6b600n3xta7a",
        "side": "sell",
        "status": "open",
        "type": "limit"