Get Account Balance

The GET /balance/ method enables you to retrieve information related to your account balances for all Bitso-supported currencies.

HTTP Request

Header Parameters

You must specify the following authorization parameters in your request:

keySee the section, AuthorizationYes
signatureSee the section, AuthorizationYes
nonceSee the section, AuthorizationYes

JSON Response Payload

The endpoint returns a JSON array, and every element in the array is a JSON object that includes the following fields:

Field NameDescriptionTypeUnits
availableThe currency balance available for use, resulting from the computation available = total - locked. The service does not store it, and it always calculates it when needed as opposed to the rest of the balances shown in this table that are stored.StringCurrency
currencyThe currency symbol.String
lockedThe currency balance locked in open orders.StringCurrency
pending_depositThe currency balance for deposits awaiting confirmation (pending status) before they can be considered complete. For example, in a crypto deposit like bitcoin Bitso receives the transaction but has to wait until it is confirmed.

The service increases this balance when a deposit that needs confirmation is received. This figure helps to know that some funds are coming but still need to be confirmed.

Then, when the deposit is confirmed, the service increases the total balance for the deposit amount and reduces the pending_deposit balance by the same amount.
pending_withdrawalThe currency balance for withdrawals awaiting a successful or failed completion (pending or processing status).

As soon as a withdrawal is created, the service decreases the total balance for the withdrawal amount and increases the pending_withdrawal balance by the same amount. In this way, the user cannot use these funds again to trade or withdraw.

Then, when the withdrawal is confirmed as sent (complete status) or marked as failed, the service reduces the pending_withdrawal balance by the withdrawal amount. In a failed withdrawal, the service updates thetotal balance as well.
totalThe currency total balance. The service updates this figure when a deposit is complete or a withdrawal is created.StringCurrency

The following response object exemplifies the JSON object returned, showing only a few of its elements:

    "success": true,
    "payload": {
        "balances": [{
            "currency": "mxn",
            "total": "300.00",
            "locked": "25.1234",
            "available": "274.8766",
            "pending_deposit": "0.00000000",
            "pending_withdrawal": "200.00000000"
        }, {
            "currency": "btc",
            "total": "100.12345678",
            "locked": "25.00000000",
            "available": "75.12345678",
            "pending_deposit": "10.00000000",
            "pending_withdrawal": "0.00000000"
        }, {
            "currency": "eth",
            "total": "50.1234",
            "locked": "40.1234",
            "available": "10.0000",
            "pending_deposit": "0.00000000",
            "pending_withdrawal": "0.00000000"