Get Account Status [WIP]

The GET /account_status/ method enables you to retrieve information about your account state, documents uploaded, and transaction limits.

HTTP Request

Header Parameters

You must specify the following authorization parameters in your request:

keySee the section, AuthorizationYes
signatureSee the section, AuthorizationYes
nonceSee the section, AuthorizationYes

JSON Response Payload

The endpoint returns a JSON object that includes the following fields:

Field NameDescriptionTypeUnits
account_creation_dateThe date and time when the system created the account.StringISO 8601 timestamp
business_nameThe name of the enterprise the business account is associated with.String
born_in_residenceFlag to indicate whether the user was born in the country where they live. Possible values:
- 1 indicates Yes
- 0 indicates No
cash_deposit_allowanceThe remaining cash allowance today.StringCurrency
cellphone_numberThe status of the user's registered cell phone number. Possible values: unsubmitted, submitted, and verified.String
cellphone_number_storedThe user's registered cellphone number.String
client_idThe user's system-generated client ID.String
country_of_residenceThe country where the user lives specified as a standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.String
daily_limitThe user's total, daily limit.StringCurrency
daily_remainingThe remaining amount of the user's total, daily limit.StringCurrency
date_of_birthThe user's birthdate specified as MM/DD/YYYY.String
emailIndicates whether Bitso has verified the user's stored email address. Possible values: verified and not verified.String
email_storedThe user's registered email address.String
enabled_two_factor_methodsThe two factor authentication method enabled by the user. Possible values: totp, email, fido.String
entity_typeThe type of enterprise the business account is associated with, represented in codes. For example, SA stands for Sociedad Anónima, LTDA stands for Sociedad Limitada, and so forth.String
first_nameThe user's name.String
gravatar_imgThe URL of a globally recognized avatar. Currently, this field is not being used. The team considered it to provide the ability for users to add an image to their profile.String
genderThe user's gender. Possible values: F and M.String
last_nameThe user's first surname.String
monthly_limitThe user's total, monthly limit.StringCurrency
monthly_remainingThe remaining amount of the user's total, monthly limit.StringCurrency
official_idThe status of the user's official ID document. Possible values: unsubmitted, submitted, verified, rejected.String
origin_of_fundsThe status of the user's origin-of-funds document. Possible values: unsubmitted, submitted, verified, rejected.String
preferred_currencyThe currency the user selected to show their balance specified in a standard ISO 4217 code.String
proof_of_residencyThe status of the user's proof-of-residency document. Possible values: unsubmitted, submitted, verified, rejected.String
referral_codeDEPRECATED. Used before in the loyalty referral program. The service keeps it for backwards compatibility.String
statusThe account state. Possible values: active and inactive.String
signed_contractThe status of the user's signed-contract document. Possible values: unsubmitted, submitted, verified, rejected.String
second_last_nameThe user's second surname.String
tax_payer_typeThe user's fiscal status. Possible values: person and legal_entity.String
user_default_fiat_currencyThe currency assigned by default according to the user's country of residence, specified in a standard ISO 4217 code. If Bitso does not operate in the country where the user lives, then the value assigned is USD.String
verification_levelThe maximum level the user has reached in Bitso's KYC process. Possible values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.Number

The following response object exemplifies the JSON object returned:

curl ""

    "success": true,
    "payload": {
        "client_id": "1234",
        "first_name": "Claude",
        "last_name":  "Shannon",
        "second_last_name": "Monet",
        "status": "active",
        "daily_limit": "5300.00",
        "monthly_limit": "32000.00",
        "daily_remaining": "3300.00",
        "monthly_remaining": "31000.00",
        "cash_deposit_allowance": "5300.00",
        "cellphone_number": "verified",
        "email": "verified",
        "email_stored":"[email protected]",
        "official_id": "submitted",
        "proof_of_residency": "submitted",
        "signed_contract": "unsubmitted",
        "origin_of_funds": "unsubmitted",
        "verification_level": 5,
        "referral_code": "aauv",
        "country_of_residence": "MX",
        "gravatar_img": "",
        "account_creation_date": "2022-01-09T17:07:24+0000",
        "preferred_currency": "mxn",
        "enabled_two_factor_methods": [
        "business_name": "",
        "gender": "F",
        "user_default_fiat_currency": "mxn",
        "date_of_birth": "01/01/1990",
        "born_in_residence": "1",
        "tax_payer_type": "person",
        "entity_type": "N/A"