Request an International Transfer Quote

Before executing an international transfer, you must request a quote, which presents the conversion rate offered and the amount of cryptocurrency to spend if you accept the quote. The POST /international-transfers/v1/quotes method enables you to request a quote.

Quotes expire in 40 seconds. Hence, you must accept (execute) it within this period. When a quote expires, you can no longer run it and must request a new one. Currently, a quote supports a transfer of funds to only one receiving account.

To request a quote, make the following HTTP request using the specified body parameters:


Body Parameters

  • source_currency: The ticker of the cryptocurrency used as source funds. Valid values: BTC, ETH, DAI, USD, and USDT.
  • target_currency: The ticker of the fiat currency transferred. Valid values: ARS.
  • target_amount: The number of funds to transfer specified in the target currency. Ensure the amount you provide is within the min-max limits set in your contract. Otherwise, the API throws an error.
  • beneficiary: Contains the receiving account data (only one account is possible per quote).
    • name The legal business name or full personal name of the receiving account holder. In the case of an individual, it must specify both the First and Last name.
    • account The unique identifier of the account: In the case of ARS, you can use:
      • The Clave Virtual Uniforme (CVU), a unique, 22-digit code that identifies a virtual, nonbank account.
      • The Clave Bancaria Uniforme (CBU), a unique, 22-digit code that identifies a bank account issued either by a traditional or digital bank.
      • An Alias, a string containing between 6 and 20 characters, which can be letters, numbers, the period (.) sign, and the hyphen (-) sign.
    • account_type The receiving account type. Valid values: CVU, CBU, and ALIAS.

The following JSON object exemplifies the body parameters included in the HTTP request:

      "name":"Bryan Montes",

A successful request returns a JSON object representing a quote, exemplified in the following:

    "success": true,
    "payload": {
        "id": "Lm69qqq1",
        "source_amount": "0.31",
        "source_currency": "usd",
        "target_amount": "150.00",
        "target_currency": "ars",
        "created": "2023-07-11T23:14:30",
        "expires": "2023-07-11T23:15:10",
        "rate": "483.87",
        "rate_currency": "ars",
        "padding": "0.03"

The payload includes the id variable. You need to provide its value when executing the international transfer quote. It also sends back the conversion rate, the number of digital funds you need to spend, and the target amount you get in case you accept (execute) the quote. The padding variable indicates the fee you pay for the conversion, given as a percentage (target-currency-based).