Product Overview

Increase your company's reach with fast borderless payments across Latin America.

International payments, also known as cross-border payments or global payments, are transactions that connect companies, individuals, and banks in at least two different countries and involve foreign currencies.

Traditionally, moving money between countries has been a time-consuming and costly transaction. Convoluted payment pathways use multiple institutions that are slow to initiate operations and dictate high exchange rates and fees.

Bitso's International Payments is an initiative that aims at providing Bitso's institutional customers with the ability to send and receive payments in the countries where Bitso operates —Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina — making available a single, simple payment pathway where cross-border transactions are fast and low-priced.

In addition, Bitso's end-to-end regulatory coverage guarantees compliant operations across all markets, mitigating regulatory risks for your business.

Bitso's International Payments product suite seamlessly connects your company to LatAm's most advanced banking tools: Mexico's SPEI®, Brazil's PIX, Colombia's rails over ACH/PSE, and Argentina's ALIAS CVU systems.

By enabling access to these rapidly growing Latin American markets, Bitso facilitates its customers' engagement with the region's businesses and economy. For instance, international companies that are Bitso's customers can access the Argentine market at competitive prices around the clock every day of the year. They can solve all their payment needs securely, powered by crypto.

What’s Next

Explore some examples of use cases of international payments: