Execute the International Transfer

The POST /international-transfers/v1/transfers method enables you to execute the international transfer quote within the 40-second expiration limit. The execution includes your confirmation of the Agreement of Service.

Use the value of the id variable returned by the request-quote call to submit the quote to Bitso’s International Transfers service. This action provides you with a equivalent value in ARS of your crypto funds so the service can transfer this same amount to the destination account. Ensure your wallet has the necessary source amount before executing the quote. Otherwise, the API throws an error.

To request the execution of a quote, make the following HTTP request using the specified body parameter:

POST https://stage.bitso.com/international-transfers/v1/transfers

Body Parameters

  • quote_id: Identifies the quote you want to execute. The request-quote call returns it as id.

The following JSON object exemplifies the body parameters included in the HTTP request:

    "quote_id": "dDuZMct2"

A successful request returns the following response object:

    "success": true,
    "payload": {
        "id": "290",
        "quote_id": "Lm69qqq1",
        "status": "PROCESSING",
        "created": "2023-07-11T23:14:49",
        "updated": "2023-07-11T23:14:49"

The payload includes the variable id you need when retrieving the transfer status. For further details on this procedure, see the section, Get a Transfer Details.