Getting Started ARS

Learn the first steps you need to take to use the API.

To have access to the service, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Contact our sales team at [email protected] to request the International Payments product. To start using it, you must complete the following requirements offline:
    1. Sign the International Payments contract.
    2. Undergo and approve the KYC compliance assessment. This process varies according to the country where you want to operate payments.
  2. Create a Bitso business account (testing environment) at Bitso business register.
    The only way to access the API is through a Bitso account. For further details on creating an account and generating API keys, see the section, Set Up Your Testing Environment.
  3. Verify how to create signed requests in Authentication.
  4. Send an email message to [email protected] to request the items listed below. Remember to include your user ID (stage) in your message.
    1. The activation of the International Payments API in your testing account for the countries where you want to conduct payments.
    2. Funds for your Bitso testing account. To be able to test, your testing account must have funds.


Going to production?

When going to production, you need to set up a business production account and repeat Step 4.i, providing your prod user ID. The testing and the production environments work the same way.