International Payments in MXN

Learn how to enable transferring Mexican pesos (MXN) across borders

Bitso's accounts can send and receive payments in Mexican pesos (MXN) using the Interbank Electronic Payment System developed and operated by Mexico's Central Bank. The system is known by its Spanish acronym, SPEI®, and it enables the general public to transfer money electronically via a bank, the Internet, or mobile banking in a matter of seconds.

With your Bitso account, you can use three different SPEI®-based methods to transfer funds:

  • SPEI Bank Transfer: Send funds to any Mexican bank account.
  • SPEI Bank Transfer - Debit Card: Send funds to any Mexican debit card.
  • SPEI Bank Transfer - Mobile Number: Send funds to any mobile number. The number must be registered for SPEI Transfers with the corresponding bank.

For further details on MXN withdrawals, refer to the articles Bitso's Withdrawal Service and Withdrawing MXN.

A Bitso business account can have several SPEI® CLABEs linked to it. Various CLABEs associated with your account enable you to identify payment senders rapidly. For details about this additional feature, see the section, Multiple CLABES.

If you are a non-Mexican institutional client, you must enable International Payments in MXN. Mexican institutional clients have transactions in Mexican pesos via SPEI® by default.

Enabling transactions in MXN entails activating MXN in your account and accepting the Terms and Conditions of Nvio Pagos Mexico. This action grants your account access to the SPEI® network.

What’s Next

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