2. Generate Your API Credentials

After your testing account is set up, create your API credentials as follows:

  1. Go to Bitso API setup. If you're not logged in, then the login screen appears first. After logging in,
    a. Hover over your name and click Profile.
    b. Select API on the left-hand bar.
  2. If you have not enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in your account, then a modal appears asking you to do it before generating the API credentials. Click the button Enable 2FA.
  3. When you finish enabling 2FA, you are at the API Setup page. Click the button Add new API key.
    A modal showing Important security information appears.
  4. Ensure you read the warning, check the acceptance box, and click Continue.
    The Add new API key page appears.
  5. Complete the following three-step process to create the new key:
    1. Give your API key a name that helps you to easily identify it.
    2. If you want the API to only validate requests from a list of approved IP addresses (allowlist), enable Restrict use of API addresses. You can have from none up to five addresses in this list.
    3. Lastly, in Permissions, ensure you toggle all the functionalities you need to enable for the API credentials. For further details on permissions, see the section Notes on Permissions.
  6. Click the button Add new API key to save your credentials. Be ready to provide the 2FA token before getting the credentials.
  7. Ensure you copy and paste your API key and secret in a safe place because you need them to sign your API requests. The site displays the secret only once. No way exists to show the secret again. If you don’t save them, then the fix is creating a new set of credentials.
  8. Check the understanding box and click Go back to API setup to view your newly created key.


How many API keys can I have?

You can configure up to six keys in your Bitso account.

Add new API Key