International Payments in ARS

Use our API to move Argentine pesos (ARS) across borders.

International payments in Argentine pesos (ARS) currently include only payout services in ARS. The service provides local off-ramps in Argentina to institutional users, enabling them to send money through the local banking circuit using a CBU (Clave Bancaria Uniforme), CVU (Clave Virtual Uniforme), or Alias as the destination.

The International Payments in ARS initiative relies on home-grown API-based services powered by crypto that you can rapidly integrate into your application. As Figure 1 shows, the sender holds crypto funds with an equivalent value in ARS, and Nvio Argentina provides Bitso with the service of transferring this same value to the recipient’s local account.

Figure 1. API-Based International Payout Service in ARS

Figure 1. API-Based International Payout Service in ARS

What’s Next

Explore the following sections to learn how to implement this payout flow in your application: