1. Create Your Testing Account

To use Bitso's Business APIs, you must have either a personal or a business account. APIs' functionalities are the same for both types of accounts, but individual accounts require less paperwork. For this reason, Bitso recommends creating a personal account for onboarding purposes. However, to operate in production, some of Bitso's APIs require you to create a Bitso business account, which entails undergoing a more comprehensive onboarding and know-your-customer (KYC) process.

In the testing environment, all data can be dummy, but it must have the correct format; for example, phone numbers must comply with the structure of the country you are registering.


Phone Number Verification

Account creation requires you to verify a phone number. However, Bitso doesn't have SMS messages in the testing environment, so you need to email our Developer's Support Desk, [email protected], and arrange to provide us with your phone number. Our Support Desk issues and sends your verification code after you enter your phone number in the account creation flow.

For an account in the production environment, Bitso does send the information to the registered phone number.


Supported Countries

Bitso has a list of prohibited jurisdictions. Ensure you open your testing account within a valid jurisdiction. You can find more information at Bitso terms, list item 22.

To open your Bitso account in our testing environment, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Bitso register, and choose the type of account you want. Enter the required data.
    If you were unable to finish your registration, you can go to Bitso upgrade and finish entering your data.
  2. Ensure you reach the phone verification stage of the onboarding flow and enter your phone number.
  3. Wait for your verification code to arrive, and then enter it.
  4. Wait for your transaction PIN to arrive.
    After the system verifies the phone number, your account manager sends your Bitso-issued transaction PIN. Ensure you store this number because in case you want to test a transaction through the user interface, you need to include it on the user-provided data of the Bitso app.